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Meet Amy Gerhardt

Amy is a one woman show while working a full-time job, she is the only one who designs and creates her jewelry, The Foxy Hipster. Her 'celebrity' earrings are made from hard durable plastic, everything is hand cut and carefully placed together. She loves everything she does and her designs are based on her own personal interests. She hopes her items make you laugh or at least put a smile on your face! 

What is your favorite piece of work that you have created?

My Larry David mug. He was the first mug that I made. Larry is my spirit animal.

What are your goals for the future, both artistically and in life?

I'd love to just keep making new things. Cell phone cases are in my near future. 

What are you currently working on?

I'm currently in the works of new mug/pin designs. Also, just trying to prepare for the holiday show season. It's never too early to be prepared!

Do you have any other interesting hobbies or maybe a fun story about an experience involving your artwork?

As far as hobbies go, I love to travel with my husband and hang out with our two Labradors.

I have a lot of fun stories about my work!

First story: Having a booth set up at Motor City Comic Con and having Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation) come to my booth and ask me if I had any Brent Spiner earrings. My reply, "Why yes, I do Mr. Spiner!"

Second story: Noticed a customer named "Matthew Skiba" had purchased something from my Etsy shop. I get super excited and freak out because one of my favorite artists is named Matthew Skiba. I do a little research and OMG it's THE Matt Skiba!! (singer from the band Alkaline Trio and replaced Tom in Blink 182). Then a few days later, he's wearing my pin on the red carpet at the Grammy's! (He's the one on the left wearing my pin).

Third story: I love Wil Wheaton. So, naturally, when he was at Comic Con this year, I met him. He does this thing on Instagram with his I thought it would be funny to make him a mug to showcase that. He was super excited about the mug when I gave it to him. But I was like, "eh, he's an actor, he could just be 'acting' like he likes it." But then a few days later, he posted the mug on instagram and said it's in his mug rotation.

What is your strongest memory of your childhood?

I don't really have a strong memory of anything in particular. I just remember exploring a lot outside, playing awesome board games like Mall Madness, Sweet Valley High, and Girl Talk and watching a ton of 90's Nickelodeon.

What jobs have you held other than being an artist?

I worked in retail all throughout my teens and early 20's. Ick, awful. But it did give me excellent customer service skills. I answered phones for a driving school for a long time. The last "job" I had was a receptionist and tech at a physical therapy office. 

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I am shy and socially awkward.

Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others?

Don't give up!

Where do you gather most of your inspiration for your artwork?

Memories and television.

What is one thing that you can't live without?

My husband, he seriously is the best. But I guess he's not a thing, he's a then t.v. I love t.v.

What is your favorite...

Color: Black

Pet and/or animal: Labradors. Give me all the labs.

Season: Fall

Movie: Stand By Me

Board Game: Mall Madness and Sorry

Holiday: Christmas

Best cup of coffee: Black

Ice cream: Mint Chocolate Chip...but seriously, when it comes to ice cream, I'm not picky.

Superpower: Teleportation so I could get to places faster.

You can see much more of Amy's awesome earrings and accessories at Yellow Door and online.

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