Meet Bethany Shorb

Bethany is the Founder and Creative Director of the Cyberoptix Tie Lab. Even after a decade, she still creates each and every necktie and scarf design herself. In addition to all the design work, she produces, directs and edits all of the product photography, editorial imagery, online store and social media content. She's at the helm with press relations, product prototyping, materials sourcing, retail management and web development -- with her old school 1999 web chops that pre-date the internet having pictures.

A graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art in sculpture, she's often concurrently building displays and usually answers the door with a hammer or drill and is absolutely always covered in paint. But the cat is still the real boss. Rozwell Pantone Cool Grey 11C, aka Studio Cat is the main model and photo-bomber, social media specialist, and manipulator of internets. He is the current face of our new line of ties for cats and dogs. Roz is quite the gentleman, he knows to only lay in cat-approved spaces, never on your ties!

Home of the original TIES THAT DON'T SUCK! The Cyberoptix Tie Lab was started in 2006 after noticing a void in creative, yet sophisticated neck-wear. We specialize in making men and women of all ages undeniably presentable. We dutifully outfit gangs of groomsmen, bridesmaid and ring- bearers with our very customizable color schemes. So far, we've proudly printed nearly a million neckties, all by hand, with no automation, machines, press or even clamps! We have really strong arms as a result! (Sometimes we affectionately call this place the Tie Lab Gym...)

We do everything in house, from all of the artwork and designs that go on your ties, to sourcing all the fabrics we print on, laser cutting our leather and felt luxury line, making our own silkscreens, custom-mixing every printing ink color, to all of our product photography and order fulfillment. We're a bunch of control freaks, so we can serve you better.

In order to provide you with the most unique accessories in the whole world, our necktie and scarf fabric is handmade by our trusted, vetted and inspected partners. They are super awesome weaving specialists who make the actual fabric we screen print on. Each and every tie is hand sewn. We pick threads, agonize over weave textures and measurements, resulting in beautiful bespoke ties for our printing hands. We've designed a color range for you that no one else has, in a quality that you can be confident in.

We exclusively print with environmentally responsible, water-based inks. They're better for the health of our planet, the people who make your ties in our workshop, and they perform much better on fine fabrics like silk. You know that thick, cracked graphic on your t-shirt? You sure don't want that on your tie -- that's solvent-based printing ink. Yuck! Microfiber is our most selected tie fabric - and what is microfiber anyway? The stuff you clean your glasses with? It is very similar. "Micro" (tiny!) describes the size of the fiber in the fabric. It is an extraordinarily fine-weave synthetic silk, about the exact opposite of what comes to mind when thinking of that rough, scratchy 70's tie. Fabric technology has come a long way in 50 years. Bonus: It is washable!

We've worked extensively with professional wardrobe Lending Libraries helping to outfit the homeless and incarcerated who are on the journey to restarting their lives. At the library, people come for resume help and job flyers, but a tie can help a job seeker truly feel prepared and professional. Attendees of Hakim Cunningham Consulting's career workshop received career resources and advice and were able to take ties home.

We're proud to have been in business in Detroit for nearly a decade and want to give back to the community that has supported our growth. We want to share what we can through assisting your organization with in-kind donations, internship programs, youth mentoring support and other creative ways to help Make Ties with our community. You can see more from Bethany and Cyberoptix Tie Lab online and at Yellow Door Art Market!

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