Meet Dan & Gary

These guys are the masterminds behind Electric Vector. Their art features fictional vintage posters made from a mixture of both original design and illustration, found art sources, and an aged appearance for a final touch. By applying these elements they create their own one of a kind posters and accessories- including notebooks, magnets, coasters, coin purses, and stickers. 

What inspired you to start creating your art work & how did you turn it into a business?

Dan and I have had our hands in several projects together over the years, in the early 90s we had a streetwear clothing company called Tasty Wear that grew fairly large locally, however as we got busier with client-work our interest began to wane, so we just unplugged it one day. We also both started families, and apparently, kids take up an extraordinary amount of time!

How long have you been creating your art work?

This Electric Vector poster project was started in the Summer of 2015.

We have been self-employed for over 25 years, as a Graphic Designer (Gary) and an Illustrator (Dan).

What makes your art work unique or distinctive?

Our poster project started out of a love for vintage 1940s-1960s advertising art. After creating several fictional vintage images, we initially got good feedback on the concept. We create both original designs and some that are inspired by old advertising. We decided to test the waters and launched the project at the Ferndale DIY Street Fair in 2015. The reception was overwhelming, it was almost an instant success. We like to say that its a side project that's starting to get out of hand.

What do you most love about the creative process?

From the Client-Job perspective, when a client trusts your abilities so much that they say “just come up with something for us”. That freedom makes you want to get out of bed and get to work. Starting our Poster project also gave us this same freedom to cut loose.

We also help other creatives, aside from design, we help many with their product, packaging and marketing development.

Do you have any notable awards or accomplishments? 

As both a Designer and Illustrator we have worked on hundreds of projects for clients big and small, ranging from music, clothing, and publishing industries to retail and corporate clients and then back.

What do you remember wanting to be when you grew up?

(Gary) While I always liked to draw and make things as a young kid, it wasn’t until high school that I knew I wanted to sit at a drawing table as a job, I wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but when I found out you could get paid to do it I was sold on the idea.

(Dan) From my earliest memories, I had always wanted to be an artist.

You can find lots of Gary and Dan's posters, magnets and accessories at Yellow Door and online.

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