Meet Dena Gillespie

Dena is the creator of Dancing Wire, which is "Uniquely twisted wire, made to inspire!"

Born and raised in Michigan. My grandmother was a painter and chalk artist. As a child she would set fruit in front of us kids with paper and chalk and tell us to create. That is when I first knew I wanted to create things for the rest of my life. I have painted, beaded, and created metal arts all at different times. My wares now incorporate all of those skills into one style of art.

Why did you choose to partner with Yellow Door to showcase your artwork? The idea of like minds with different mediums coming together to celebrate each other's talents is amazing! It is very inspiring to be around so much creativity. The owner and staff make it a wonderful experience to shop and sell creative wares. What inspired you to start creating you work and how did it turn into a business? I had always made gifts for friend and relatives. One year a good artist friend of mine gave me a bunch of supplies she was no longer using. I was always on a budget when it came to gifts so one year I created some gift for her from the supplies. She showed another artist friend of hers and wanted to know what else I made. The next thing I knew I was making stuff for her to sell at her artist home shows. Throughout my years of creating I have made some wonderful friends that have given me wonderful opportunities to make this into a business. I cherish those encounters because each time it gave me the courage and boost to keep creating.

What do you most love about the creative process?

Getting a great idea and bringing it to life. It never starts out the way that it ends up. What do you least love about the business side of creating & selling art? ...Paperwork. What do you enjoy doing besides making art? I love nature and gardening. I have a passion for animals especially my dog Maisie

Any memorable places you’ve traveled to?

Silver Lake Michigan and the sand Dunes, we love riding four-wheelers in beautiful places.

Drummond Island Michigan- so peaceful and beautiful.

Ireland- breathtaking and it was a great adventure!

Quotes you love or live by?

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly" -proverb What do you like to listen to?

I love 80’s and 90’s music, metal, country and folk. Any other trivia you’d like to share about yourself:

I was a radio DJ for 4 years

You can see more from Dena Gillespie of Dancing Wired at Yellow Door Art Market.

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Yellow Door Art Market  3141 W 12 Mile Berkley MI 48072


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