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Meet Faye Schofield

Meet Faye, a talented ceramic artist and proud mother of two compassionate, smart, and hilarious young men who make her world a better place. "I've lived in my cozy Royal Oak home for 33 years. I have incredible, interesting friends, love my work as a massage therapist, and am finding the older I get, the more I let my creativity grow. Every day I take a minute to realize how very fortunate I am."

Why did you decide to partner with Yellow Door? I love the friendly vibe of YD, the diverse selection of art, and I particularly love the showcasing of children's work! How long have you been creating your work? Almost five years this time around. What makes your art work distinctive? I guess, just that it is an expression of myself.

What inspired you to start creating your work and how did it turn into a business? I've always liked to make things: from macrame way back in the day, to jewelry and painted furniture. I originally learned wheel throwing in the late 70's at OCC. I got the urge to revisit it five years ago and fell back in love. I decided to try to sell some because after giving lots of pieces away to my kids, I keep making more and it has to go somewhere! What do you enjoy most about the creative process? It's peaceful, meditative, and challenging. It's fun to experiment and learn, it's humbling and gratifying. What do you enjoy the least? I suck at marketing...

What do you enjoy doing besides creating your work? I love to read, paint with watercolors, binge TV, and snuggle with my cats. Do you remember what you wanted to be when growing up? A mom. It was the 50's/60's, that was the reality at the time. Who are some of your favorite artists? Lucie Rie, Matt Horne, and Hsin-Chuen Lin.

Any other fun hobbies or work you do? I am also a massage therapist. It seems I am a low/no-tech person. Massage and clay work are not unrelated; both are pretty primal and tactile...and being centered is important.

Quotes that you live by or inspire you? "Simplicity is complexity resolved." -Constantin Brancusi

"My hope is that people who purchase my pieces enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them." You can see more from Faye at Yellow Door Art Market.

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