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Meet Inge-Lise Grey

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Passionate about creating unique and healing energy tools to inspire the magic within your being, and enhance your daily life, Expanding Spirits came to be.

"When exploring ways to work with crystal energy in my own life, I found the process of figuring out which crystals to use when, where to use them, how to place them and care for them, (not to mention where to get these crystals and how to determine their authenticity and quality) to be really overwhelming and time consuming. I began creating products and tools to bridge the gap from wanting to use crystals, to actually using them in an inspiring and meaningful way." -Inge

What inspired you to start creating you art work? I’m in awe over how naturally and beautifully the different aspects of my life are coming together to support the creation of this work. Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated with rocks and crystals, but chose to pursue an education in graphic design. I started a design business over 15 years ago, that evolved and expanded over the years and is currently run by my husband. After a traumatic birth experience with my first son, I experienced a huge awakening. I became aware of the profound healing and personal growth possible when people open their hearts and listen with loving compassion. I have been passionate about creating and supporting deep, healing heart work ever since. 

How did you grow your passion into the business it is today? In 2018, Expanding Spirits was born. I have a business partner that shares the call to support individuals in connecting to the unique and powerful wisdom held in their hearts. We opened our Energy Studio in Ferndale where we offer a variety of engaging experiences and workshops. Each are designed to open pathways of connection between inner awareness and outward experience. We utilize the irresistible vibrational power of crystals to deepen the exploration and support the healing experience.

Expanding Spirits offers a variety of personal wellness items utilizing the distinctive energetic properties of crystals and minerals. Crystals are incredible energetic tools - and oh, so beautiful! Just like people, no two are exactly alike. Incorporating their unique vibrations can profoundly support and amplify what you are looking to create, heal or experience in your life.

You can see more from Expanding Spirits online and in store at Yellow Door Art Market.

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