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Updated: Feb 17

Hello! My name is Janet Hughes, and I am the artist behind Five Petal Punch. I was born and raised in Warren and moved to Dearborn in my 20's. At my core, I am a teacher. I have worked with elementary school aged children in one way or another since my first babysitting job at age 11. My favorite subject to teach is reading. Crafting is my primary hobby, but in the last decade I took up circus arts (aerial silks, lyra, partner acro, and hula hooping), returned to synchronized skating after being off the ice for over two decades, and enjoyed a brief stint with karate and Arnis. I have two daughters, two dogs, and a husband.

I remember loving school art projects as a child, but I never considered myself to be an artist. Every now and then I'd try out a craft I found in Martha Stewart's magazine, but I didn't begin seriously crafting until I became a mother. Every year for several years, I would create an elaborate scrapbook for each of my girls' birthdays. I found that I enjoyed using my own art as well as my children's art to personalize and embellish the pages.

When my second daughter turned 3, I was introduced to paper quilling. Paper quilling led to cardstock flower making. When I began seeing crepe paper flowers turning up on Instagram, I knew I had to give those a go as well.

My business name, Five Petal Punch, comes from the paper punch (a flower with 5 petals) that I used to make the flowers in my first paper flower bouquet.

Why did you choose to partner with yellow Door? I chose to partner with Yellow Door because it matches my consumer values. I value shopping small, shopping local, and shopping handmade. I also enjoy giving and receiving unique items that I cannot find at a big box store.

How long have you been creating your work for? I have been paper crafting for nearly 17 years. My first project was a scrapbook for my daughter's first birthday. What makes your work unique or distinctive? Paper quilling has been around for hundreds of years, but it not an art commonly seen today.

What inspired you to start creating and how did you turn it into a business? When my first daughter was a baby, a friend of mine was selling Stampin' Up. I went to one of her parties and instead of falling in love with stamps, I fell in love with the paper being used for the projects. I discovered that I enjoyed the scrapbooking process and began to explore many different paper crafts. The more I crafted, the more I wanted to craft. I decided to enter craft shows as a way to offset the cost of buying crafting materials.

What do you enjoy most about the creative process? I love making. I love keeping my hands busy. I love trying new things, looking up tutorials, and turning the frustration of learning a new technique into an actual skill that gets easier and easier over time. I also have come to enjoy the hours and hours that going into practicing and figuring out the best tools, techniques, and products that bring the work to life. What do you enjoy least about the business side of creating? I do not like marketing myself and I do not like asking for money.

What do you enjoy doing aside from crafting? I enjoy teaching elementary school, hula hooping, ice skating, treasure hunting at antique stores, and exploring new cities.

You can see more from Janet Hughes, Five Petal Punch, at Yellow Door Art Market.

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