Meet Kevin Pollock

Meet Kevin Pollock of SkyLit Photography. "Having grown up on Michigan's west coast I've been fortunate to have had Great Lakes splendor in all directions, for all of my life. Today these waters, skies, and beauty are the backdrop and focus of my photography. Highlighting maritime life along our incredible waterways is a passion and the natural serenity of the night is the best time for it. Whether the silent canals of Venice at midnight or a moonless Lake Erie shoreline at 3am to photograph the Milky Way galaxy, my work brings to light the details and colors normally shrouded in darkness." - Kevin

How long have you been creating your art work? "8.5 years, professionally." Do you have any notable awards or accomplishments? My image "Ship unloading on Rouge River" was featured in the annual guide to Great Lakes waterways and ships, "Know Your Ships" 2017. What makes your work unique or distinctive? "I shoot mainly at night. My favorite subjects are ships of the Great Lakes, as well as the night sky."

What inspired you to start creating your work? "I've always loved taking pictures from very young on. After 20+ years of restaurant management it was time to try a new direction, and there was only photography in my mind. I met a photographer and became his full time editor. After a few years I began the long-exposure night work and fell in mad love with it. I've always been pretty nocturnal and enjoy the hunt to find the perfect shot."

What part of the creative process do you enjoy most? Probably the editing work. It's how I learned "real" photography and it has stayed very enjoyable to create a jeweled final product out of a raw file. It's the part of photography closest to art, for me at least. Although, the adventure that goes with solo, middle of the night, sneaky stuff in somewhat "out of bounds" areas to get the perfect shot is pretty fun too!"

Any memorable places you've traveled? "Italy, my wife's home. She's been in the States since '95 and we've been there 21 times together. The North near Venice and close to the Dolomite Alps."

Any recipes you're known for? "....Did I mention my wife is a chef?! No cooking for me! If forced though, I guess Nestle's Toll house cookies." Quotes to live by? "We can't change the wind, but we can adjust our sails." "Good things happen to good people." "Happy wife, Happy life!"

You can see more of Kevin's work here and at Yellow Door Art Market!

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