Meet Mary Veselenak

One of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I created recently is the Horizon necklace. Often, while designing, I hold images in my mind unintentionally and it usually ends up influencing the piece. While working on this piece it was the sunset I had seen the night before over lake Huron. This shop video illustrates one of the processes I use in my studio in creating some of my clay pieces.

I have been drawn to symbols more and more over the last several years. I love how they tap into our subconscious mind. Since this is where I believe creativity originates I have been very intrigued with this subject. Much of this concept has come out in my work lately.

Although the work I display at Yellow Door is my jewelry I also have several other non-jewelry projects I work on throughout the year. Last year I completed a donor wall project with an amazing artist/designer Lourdes Zavala Macias. This project is one I am very proud of. It was for Neighborhood House in Rochester Hills, MI, an amazing non-profit organization helping those in need in their community and the surrounding area. We were asked to document the process of creating the clay tile donor wall from the designing to installation. Check out our process here!

Lourdes and I are currently working on another donor wall project and are looking forward to diving into the process again. I have always had a passion for creating jewelry in an unconventional way so there are always more jewelry designs in the future!

Some facts about me...

My favorite color: still blue

My kids: I have two children, Amelia 9 and Arlo 4 and they are the source of much of my inspiration.

Favorite animal: Our four animals, two cats, and two dogs: Annie, Lola, Louie, and Peekaboo, live with my children and me in Rogers City, MI. Kids and animals come and go in my studio and have been witness to all of my work!

Favorite Movie: Coco comes from the only genre I have been watching lately, children and family!

Morning drink: I recently traded my morning cup of coffee with warm lemon water with apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper.

Favorite tunes: Music plays a huge roll in my studio and I have an evolving playlist which I recently added Stromae to. He is a mind-blowing talented French artist. The song I frequently put on repeat is Tous les Memes.

My favorite product is a stone paper notebook by Pictostone. It is superbly designed and so sleek and stylish! I love good design and this goes above and beyond. The best part is that it is made of paper made of stone, Calcium carbonate. As an artist, I use notebooks in the studio and this one makes me want to keep writing. The feeling is completely different than writing on regular paper. I had the honor of being photographed using the product! This is a perfect example of form follows function, which is the best advice from artist, Maggi Fuhriman who was one of the most influential people in my early business career.

Form follows function is the philosophy I strictly adhere to with all of my designs. It is always in the forefront of my mind when I create something new. It is an especially important aspect of a new modern dinnerware line I have been working on.

You can find lots of Mary's gorgeous jewelry at Yellow Door and online.

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