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Meet Paula Doan

Paula Doan started "Bedotted" in 2014 as a part time passion which turned full time as of last year when her day job came to a sudden and abrupt halt. Paula is now thrilled to be rid of the corporate stress and is enjoying doing what she loves most - creating! She plans to expand her business by having a larger presence in the metro-Detroit area shops and starting her own e-commerce site!

Where do you gather most of your inspiration for your art work? You just never know, I frequent different garage sales, flea markets, and other places of that sort, to gather pieces for my sign work. Sometimes I strike it big when I find vintage jewelry that I can up-cycle into something more current.

Do you have any tips or inspiring words for others? Debi Malek, a favorite artist of mine, did a portrait of me that states "You're never to old to be what you want to be". It inspired me to jump into online selling with both feet and no experience. Don't ever give up on your dream.

What superpower would you have and why? I am a super power. I recently went to a costume party and attended as the Goddess of the Land of Polka Dots...Oh. The. Outfit.

Your signature dish/recipe? Everyone I know LOVES my bolognese. I just do it from scratch, my own recipe. I read cook-books like fiction and then put the ingredients together to make something completely different. It's the rebel in me. But I will try to figure out the recipe!

How about some of your favorites? Color: Turquoise Season: Summer

Board Game: No time, but if I did choose one, Scrabble. Holiday: Christmas

Website: Etsy Ice cream: Anything with chocolate in it.

Do you admire any artists? Debi Malek is my favorite local artist and I have no less than 20 of her pieces in my home. Best piece of advice? Don't ever give up and know God has my back.

You can see more from Paula Doan, Bedotted, at Yellow Door and online.

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