Meet Raeann Wagner

Meet Raeann, the fun-color-lover and pattern enthusiast behind Stitcharella Designs! "My journey began 10 years ago with me wanting to create a pair of pajamas for my son, and has evolved into what you see today. I love color and anything that is bright and fun. Here at Stitcharella Designs, items are made using quality fabrics that are sewn by me."

What do you love most about the creative process? My favorite thing about the creative process is never knowing how something is going to come together. I have made some bags that I thought I'd love, and I ended up not liking them at all, and vise versa.

What inspired you to start creating your work? My first sewing project was a pair of pajamas for my son. I could understand the pattern and asked my mom for help. She was trying to help me and i knew better, I told her that was not how you did it, and my journey began from there.

Your favorite piece you ever created? I honestly don’t have a favorite thing that I have created.(We understand, they're all fantastic!) Goals for the future? Goals for the future would be to eventually have my own website.

Any words of wisdom or advice for others out there? Best advice I can give is to believe in yourself. You can do anything you set your mind to. Not everyone is going to like what you make and that’s ok, not everyone has good taste!

You can see more from Raeann online and in store at Yellow Door Art Market!


Yellow Door Art Market  3141 W 12 Mile Berkley MI 48072


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