Meet Renee Gruskin

Artistic photographer Renee Gruskin is internationally recognized for her imaginative photographic creations. She has exhibited across the United States and internationally in

Europe, South America and the Orient. Renee has won prizes in juried international photo

exhibitions. She has sold her artistic creations in Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, California,

New York and Arizona. Her photographic artistry has been described as “amazing” and

“imaginative” and “a photographic Picasso.”

Renee captures stunning and breathtaking photos and works with each photo adding color,

light, texture and design to offer a visual experience not found in ordinary photographic

offerings. When you own a Limited Edition Renee Gruskin ArtScape, you have a

work of art that you will love and be proud to display.

How long have you been creating your work? For more than 20 years I've been studying various kinds of art. What inspired you to start creating your work? I was doing paintings and drawings, and married a man who traveled a great deal in his work. I thought I should learn about photography to keep me busy when he was in meetings. What do you love most about the creative process? The freedom it gives me to create whatever I please. What do you like least about the business side or creating and selling? Marketing.

Any memorable places you've traveled to? I've been to 35 countries and enjoyed them all. I like to learn about different cultures and see the museums and countryside. Any favorite places to frequent around Detroit? My favorite place to visit is the DIA. I also live to visit galleries in Birmingham, Royal Oak, and Ferndale. I also enjoy nature and like to spend time at the parks in the summers, such as Kensington. I really enjoy concerts at the music hall and plays at the Fisher. Quotes to live by? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You can see more from Artscapes by Renee at Yellow Door Art Market and online.

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