Meet Roxann Kesterson

Roxann, with Carved Coins LLC, combines the traditional art of hand carving real currency with modern designs that are tailored to each individual. Inspired by Civil war trench art, each coin is carved completely by hand with a jewelers saw and no two will be exactly alike. NO stamps, NO dyes, NO lasers, NO machines! Coins are then finished as jewelry, accessories, or puzzle pieces.

Why did you choose to partner with Yellow Door? Yellow Door was highly recommended by a fellow artist. You have created great brand recognition across Michigan and I am excited to be a part of that!

How long have you been creating your art work? I began carving coins in 2011 but officially started my business in 2018. Do you have any notable awards or accomplishments? I have taken "Best in Show" in local art shows and was a featured artist at "All things Detroit".

What are you currently working on? I travel to art shows all year round and am always working on new designs. I'm starting in two stores in November and then two more in the new new year!

What do you remember wanting to be growing up? A forensic psychologist! I never thought about being an artist It just sort of happened.

What do you enjoy doing besides making art? My husband and I like to travel. We have been to several countries in Europe and recently spent time in Iceland. I ALWAYS come home with bags of coins from our travels. Some are just to keep but others are for carving!

Any favorite places you've traveled to? Bruges, Belgium. It's like a fairy tale!

Where do you gather most of your inspiration for your artwork? The art of coin carving started during the Civil War. Soldiers would gather coins from their travels and carve or etch into them at night. They were called "Love Tokes" and would often take months to create a single piece. I am inspired by the idea that in the midst of a war, soldiers would still find time to make something for someone they love. So why can't we find time now?

You can see more from Roxann, Carved Coins LLC at Yellow Door and Online.


Yellow Door Art Market  3141 W 12 Mile Berkley MI 48072


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