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Meet Sandy O'Brien

Meet artist of the week, Sandy O'Brien of Midnight Creations. She is the creative mind behind the super cute fabric handbags, coin purses, and many other accessories. Sandy has been sewing for about 16 years, starting out sewing garments for herself, including her own wedding dress! While sewing garments, she often found they don't always fit when finished, so she began quilting. Sandy likes creating items that can be used and loved...she says she has no problem taking elaborately pieced quilts and throwing them on the ground for music in the park. She loves making purses and accessories because in her own life, she always needs places to put things in an attempt to be more organized.

What inspired you to start creating your artwork & how did you turn it into a business?

I had worked many years in an office setting and in accounting where I could never take time off and it really got old quickly. I would often take days off just to sew and I never really imagined making it a job figuring that it would be hard for me to discipline myself. After my daughter was born I realized I was building a small following and then discovered Etsy. I came up with a game plan and went on to make purses, totes, and accessories.

What makes your art work unique or distinctive?

I think it is the variety of fabrics, really I think I make everyday items more fun to use. I once received a compliment on a tissue cozy as "art work for her purse".

What do you most love about the creative process?

It never seems to end, there is always more things I want to work on, new fabrics and new outlets. I love that I can take a pile of fabrics, zippers, thread and turn it into a basket of colorful accessories. I also like to be efficient and use all of the fabric. There is a progression of size to my items and it is my desire to use every inch of fabric, for every yard of fabric I use, which is why there is usually less than 3 square inches of waste!

Do you have any notable awards or accomplishments?

In 2009 I was featured in the Etsy series, QYDJ where I was interviewed on my experience selling full time on Etsy. 

What do you enjoy doing besides making art?

I actually do different sewing for myself, mostly quilts in any shape or size. I especially like table linens like quilted placements and runners. I enjoy adapting quilt patterns and putting them into other items for a table or pillow. 

You can find lots of Sandy's purses, totes, and accessories at Yellow Door and online.

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