By Expanding Spirits

Crystal information cards come with the stones used in the bracelet

Protecting, Uplifting, Spiritually Grounding, Clears negative & disruptive energy within your auric field so you can more easily release toxic emotions and ideas. Helps protect against radiation and environmental pollutants, so you can keep your body strong and your mind clear.
Amplification of Energy, Very Programmable, Cleansing, Healing. Quartz is a stone of light with high vibrational frequencies. Amplifies spiritual awareness, your personal intention, and the natural energies of other stones placed close to it.
Amplifies Energy Vibrations, Healing & Replenishing, Clears Energy BlocksA powerful conduit for energy that amplifies, clears, and directs all energy vibrations. Copper strengthens all the energy systems in your body, which supports physical healing and cellular regeneration. Also amplifies the energy of crystals and other minerals.

Bracelet size is about 7.25" or 7.5"

Black Tourmaline Bracelet