By: Patti Rae Fletcher. Author of YD Best Seller, "The Sign was Mine"

'With marvels, miracles, and divine interventions- anything and everything is quite possible! The Universe continues to show me this truth and firmly nudges me to share these implausible experiences with you. If you are drawn to this book and have had or wondered about your own instances or moments that go beyond your understanding, there is most likely a message that will resonate with your soul within these pages. When life-changing experiences happen, we often wonder why. Yet, when we take that quiet time to ponder and contemplate the synchronicities of the situations, we are sometimes able to complete puzzles that were merely an array of scattered pieces in our lives. Sometimes the picture is clear and other times blurred. However, the only way to the solutions or realizations is to ask the questions with an open mind and heart and then, to trust the answers that come to you in the silence of meditation or prayer. I feel it an honor and privilege to share these ethereal experiences with you.'

Patti Rae Fletcher lives in Michigan with her husband. When life gets chaotic and it’s time for a break her favorite past times are being by the water, fishing, writing, reading, and relaxing to the sound of a crackling fire.
She credits her fifteen years of being employed in a school library as the key that turned her love of reading and literature into the passion she now has for writing.
Celebrate Life’s Miracles is Patti’s third book, (2020) following, Whoa Nilly a Nymph Grows Up (2019)—A creative non-fiction children’s book—and This Sign Was Mine, Message Received! (2015)
Patti has studied writing techniques through college courses and conferences over the last two decades. She has publications in over two dozen magazines and in three anthologies.
She presently serves as the Vice President of the Shiawassee Area Writers (SAW) inspiring others to improve their craft and to keep writing.

Celebrate Life's Miracles - Paperback