By Green Daffodil 

Holiday Tree. Warm your home with holiday cheer with this amazing candle. It has an air of the deep woods and is a bit smokey. Think about when you chop down your own tree with all the firs, pines, spruces, and cedar woods blended together to create this strong fragrance. This will definitely elevate your Christmas spirit a notch. We have added dried spirulina to give the wax a touch of dark green colorant.

Peppermint Stick. If you love peppermint you are in luck! So very minty and true to the herb. We always have multiple mints growing in our garden out front due to their uplifting and clean scent. Try this one and enjoy! There are also dried peppermint leaves in the wax to add to the mint explosion. A great Holiday gift!

Red Currant Ginger is a fresh, warm, spicy blend. It has a zesty top note of currants enhanced by a peppery ginger core. We have added dried sumac berries for a little color. This scent has a special Holiday label for the background artwork that fits into our Christmas collection of fragrances.

Cinnamon Chai. Enjoy a wonderful blend of Cinnamon, Clove, and Orange essential oils. It is perfect for Christmas or any time you want a little spice to your mood. We have added patchouli and safflowers for a little color. This scent is the same as our Chai Tea, but with Holiday artwork on the label.

Cranberry Orange. We created this one by updating our old cranberry scent, by adding orange to it for some citrus punch. So now you get tangy, sweet, tart, and citrus with this one, which has turned out great for any time not just Christmas. We have added dried orange blossoms and rose hips for some color and texture.

*Burn Times.
Small Tin Candle: 4oz. Avg 20 hours.
Large Tin Candle: 8oz. Avg 40 hours.

100% American soy wax, all cotton wick, essential and/or fine fragrance oils, dried herbs.

Holiday Candles (Various Scents)

Scent / Size

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