Made by Expanding Spirits

Crystal information cards come with the stones used in the bracelet


Strength, Security, Grounding, Dispels Worry & Panic, Revitalizes & Balances

Garnet is a strong stone of balance that helps ground & anchor your energy to the earth.

It lifts your confidence, alleviates gloomy feelings, and helps bring calming energy during times of crisis.


Universal Love, Strength, Healing & Purification

This rare form of quartz contains needles of iron and hematite, making it one of the most powerful crystals for bringing healing light into the body.

It cleanses, balances and protects your subtle energy field, bringing strength, purification and healing to areas of emotional & physical dis-ease.


Grounding, Protection, Manifestation, Balance

Harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. Prevents negativity from entering the auric field & restores tranquility in the body.

Boosts self-esteem, self-confidence and self-acceptance. Helps bring your dreams into physical form.


Bracelet size is about 7.75" - usually fits most women, and men with smaller wrists

Strawberry Quartz Bracelet