This Sign Was Mine by: Patti Rae Fletcher

"Are there such things as spiritual experiences, angels, or divine intervention? Does synchronicity or coincidence play important roles in our life's destiny?
Many people choose to brush off odd occurrences as coincidence. I've been guilty of this until about a decade ago. Bit by bit, my thoughts have shifted and some unusual extraordinary things have happened. The signs presented to me in several different ways have been clearly received and have evoked the strongest emotions and sensations of my lifetime. They have brought about instant clarity and a confidence where there wasn't any before. I've made irreversible decisions based on these messages. They have guided me to particular places at perfect times and have given me hope when I thought there was none. Most of all, wherever these signs came from, they've given me purpose and stamina to move forward in a positive way. They have shown me who I am and why I'm here in this world."

Patti Rae Fletcher was born and raised in the Detroit Metro Area. She loves the city with all of the wonderful diverse entertainment it has to offer. When life is chaotic and it's time for a break, Patti enjoys being by the water, fishing, camping, hiking, gardening, writing poetry, reading and relaxing to the sound of a crackling fire.

The Sign Was Mine - Soft Cover