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what do you get with your booth rental?

A well-lit space where you can paint the walls & display your goods how you wish.

Your space will be open to the public 7 days a week Mon-Sat 10-6, Thur 10-8, Sun 12-5, and during the month of December, Yellow Door will be open M-F until 8 pm.

Online access to our POS portal to see sales and stock in real-time

An informed customer service team to take care of questions, suggestions, sales & restocking your booth with back stock if necessary.

Complimentary gift wrapping is offered on all items.

We absorb all credit card fees & sales tax hassles.

A monthly check mailed to you for 85% of your retail sales the previous month along with a print out of what sold from your space.

A framed photo & artist statement that will be displayed in your space.

A community bulletin board & postcard holder where you can promote your art show schedule or other events.

The opportunity to do demos & signings at the store throughout the year.

A motivated owner who is continuously seeking out new artists so the selection will always be fresh & exciting.

Yellow Door is promoted by Catching Fireflies which has an email database of over 10,000 subscribers, over 16,000 followers on social media

Store promotion via our website that contains: image links to the artists' websites, weekly featured artists, art giveaways, local art fairs schedules & special events.

Store promotion via our interactive social media pages with over 10,000 fans

Store promotion via email marketing: Yellow Door has a growing email database of over 6,000 names and sends out an email every week that features artists, giveaways & more. 

Store promotion via color postcards: eye-catching postcards that will be passed out at local art fairs by all participating Yellow Door artists.

space sizes and rates

end caps.jpg

end cap: approx 30-37 inches wide x 16" deep x 6 1/2 - 7 feet tall 

 $133/month for 12 months or $142/month for 6 months *plus 15% of all retail sales


 wall: approx 6 feet wide x 16" deep x 6.5 feet tall*

$150/month for 12 months or $164/month for 6 months *plus 15% of all retail sales

half core.jpg

half core: approx 4 feet wide x 5.5 feet deep x 7 feet tall

$156/month for 12 months or $170/month for 6 months *plus 15% of all retail sales

table displays.jpg

table: 5.5 feet long  x  30" wide

$166/month for 12 months or $182/month for 6 months *plus 15% of all retail sales

full core booth.jpg

core: approx 9 feet wide x 5.5 feet deep x 7 feet tall

$238/month for 12 months or $261/month for 6 months *plus 15% of all retail sales

what we ask of our artists

A signed contract for your participation for 6 or 12 months.

A payment of your first & last month with a credit card we keep on file & charge the last week of every month for the upcoming month’s booth fee.

15% of all retail sales (including special orders).

Display pieces that fit the style & look of the store.* (we can help coach if necessary)

Your time to paint & customize your booth with our provided color palette. We provide the paint… you provide your preferred painting tools.* (if you live too far away to make this happen, we can arrange a price for us to paint & display product that you ship to us)

A well displayed booth full of products that is consistently restocked.

Promote Yellow Door on your facebook pages, twitter, websites, blogs & art shows.

Jewelers are recommended to provide a locked display of their work. 

1 product per year valued at $30 or more to keep for our charity closet (This is a way we can give back to the community, plus get free advertising exposure)

1 product per year valued at $30 or more that we could use as a giveaway on our blog which will be promoted through email, facebook & twitter (This is another low-cost way to create buzz & bring attention to the many artists who exhibit at Yellow Door).

A high res digital photo of you and a brief artist statement for the booth. Plus a short bio about you so we can share it when we feature you on the blog.

Not to share your space with another artist.

We will staff the store accordingly; however, we are not responsible for theft or breakage.

available spaces

Since artist spaces are leased in 6 & 12-month increments, the next opportunity for artists interested in showing & selling their wares at Yellow Door may possibly be in months of February, May, August & November.

Interested artists may fill out the form on this website.  We will keep your info on file & contact you if & when there is a suitable opening in the future.

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