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why consider being part of yellow door?

It gives you a high profile place where you can set up your own mini-shop.

It gives your current customers a place where they can purchase your goods anytime.

It greatly broadens your current customer base.

A reasonable monthly rental rate that is similar to the cost of doing just one art fair.

All of the items offered are handmade in Michigan.

All the artists & makers selected to participate will be juried to ensure we keep a quality mix.  We want a fun mix of goods so we plan on allowing items such as cleverly designed tees, cute kids clothes & accessories, baby goods, candles, soap, creams & even locally made edibles…. as long as the items fit the flavor of the store.

We will be conscious to not over saturate the space with similar styled art wares.

Since we take care of promoting & selling your art, you can spend more time making it.

Greater exposure which leads to greater sales which lead to making a living doing what you love.

additional details

Our store, catching fireflies has been in business for over 19 years & has been voted Best Gift Shop by the prestigious HOUR Magazine.

Yellow Door has been voted Best Place to Buy a Craft for 8 years by HOUR Magazine.

Catching fireflies has also won a Retailers Excellence Award presented by a national gift trade magazine for website & in-store integrated marketing.

Catching fireflies has three locations in Metro Detroit – Berkley, Rochester, and Ann Arbor plus a rapidly growing e-commerce website.

April also is the director of the Berkley Art Bash which takes place in June and showcases 150 artists on 12 Mile and attracts 8-10,000 people.

Yellow Door is located on the same block as the Berkley catching fireflies.

Yellow Door has sold over 5.5 million dollars of handcrafted goods since they've opened in the fall of 2010.

Not all selling months are equal. Past yellow door sales records show % sales for each month: Jan 6%    Feb 6%   Mar 6%   Apr 8%   May 9%   Jun 9%   Jul 7%    Aug 7%    Sep 6%    Oct 6%     Nov 9%    Dec 20%  -So please keep this in mind when receiving your monthly checks.

We will need to know if you want to renew your contract at the beginning of your last month. If you want to renew with another space size or location that is open, we will do our best to accommodate.

Our goal is to have all spaces rented at all times.

Yellow Door was inspired by similar concepts in Asheville, NC.

Yellow Door was created so artists would have other opportunities to market their work other than art fairs, etsy & wholesale.

Yellow Door was also created so Metro Detroiters would have a place where they could buy a large variety of amazing handmade wares & know ALL their money spent there is staying in the state. 

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